Avoiding Mistakes In Living Room Decoration

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After finishing decorating, if something goes wrong it will be very difficult to change it again. The best action is to decorate when all plans are good to do.

Coloring the walls of a room with coloring is not the main mistake in decorating or from mistakes when buying furniture for a room. Planning by making a list of jobs can avoid mistakes when decorating. Complete planning can show the success rate of the decoration.

It is not recommended to put furniture around the TV. Most people often make a TV a viewing point, but it’s a mistake. Place the TV in a closet or somewhere so that it can be hidden when not in use. Buy an LED TV that can be mounted on the wall.

The living room must have a main perspective, but this should not be done. Because this can be annoying, if there is a fireplace that can attract attention. If there is a TV it might be a problem because furniture designed for this is available in your place, this will create a second attention-grabbing after the fireplace. As a suggestion, give a seat in the middle of the room so you can switch attention easily. If you don’t install a TV above the fireplace.

Keep home furniture that can make irregular decorations. When starting decoration, do it slowly. Choose the best decoration to display, replace it every time period. Doing this to make space not too much stuff, this also applies to frame photo display.

Decorating according to your personality will be better, because the trend can be lost in time. It is not recommended to mix decorations far from your personal style. When decorating consistently is the best job. Use colors according to your character.

Be careful when placing the carpet in the living room. Make sure if you have a large rug, use it as a base for your furniture. This will connect between many pieces of furniture into one. Place a table and chairs on a large rug for convenience.

Decorating a room will not be a troublesome job if you make a good list of jobs and make you avoid mistakes that will occur.

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