The house is a warm place to live with love from the people who live there. Each room of this house has a special section to use. The most important room where the health of the whole family is built. Discussion at the dinner table, quick morning chat at the breakfast table and enough tea time spent at home. All celebrations take root in the kitchen and delicious dishes are prepared there. Thus the kitchen is an integral and very important part of a healthy home.

When it comes to home renovation or a quick fix for a few things to give the home a new look, many ideas flow about various parts of the house. But good or lack of ideas just because they think it’s ok to stick to the old style. This website discusses some of the most common factors in a home that are easy to change, inexpensive and can be easily done.

Wall: Being very important, it is necessary to make it look spacious and friendly. Walls play an important role in doing this work. Walls can be revived either by placing bright colors or if you want, you can choose wallpaper that has a variety of motifs and colors. You can choose to paint it yourself and stick the wallpaper yourself or ask for professional help.

Lights: Must be lit either by natural sources or by electricity. Usually each room is facilitated with at least 1 window opening onto a balcony or backyard. When you want to use artificial lighting, distribute it evenly throughout the room both on the ceiling and on the wall. You can distinguish colors from the lampshade to add color to the room.

Storage: May have many items to store. So cabinets and shelves play a very vital role. You can install a shelf on the wall or at the bottom. Make sure the cabinet handles and drawers do not have sharp edges to be safe for children.

Furniture: If your room is large, then you can choose a nice big table with beautifully made chairs. But if the room is small, look for a table that can be folded and easily moved. Also consider having a small central area where 2-3 people can sit and drink coffee. It is a must to choose several portable cabinets that can be adjusted according to the needs of the room. The cabinet handle must be made of durable material. Make sure you often clean the handles and cover them when not in use.

ACNN DECOR - Posted 2023