Turning Attics Into Functional Spaces

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Changing the attic is the process of changing an empty and unused room, the attic will be a useful room if we touch the decoration. The attic can be transformed into anything from a bedroom, office or even a home gym.

Remodeling the attic properly is one of the most popular home improvement activities for many families in the UK because their attic has many benefits. The process of changing the attic can be a complicated process and there may be a lot of work being done, consider asking the services of professional attic conversion companies and specialists to get satisfactory results.

The first step to start decorating the attic is to carefully examine the space in the attic to find out the exact dimensions and also to determine whether changes to the attic can be made. Verify that there is enough space under the ridge. This is because 2.3 meters are needed to allow sufficient space for the head. You can still have enough space from only 2.1 meters.

The attic must have a distance of at least 2 meters above the position of the stairs that will be used to access the attic. The roof needs to be checked for signs of rainwater entering the roof space. If you find a dark stain on the ceiling then this is a sign that rain has entered. Roof repairs are usually part of the attic conversion process when dormers are built and dormer windows are installed. Most properties can have loft conversions as long as the minimum height is 2.2 meters.

Decorating the loft has many benefits and this is the reason for their increasing popularity. Up to 30% of the home’s potential space is located in the attic and changing this will provide a large amount of space that can be used for various things. Professional attic conversion can also add value to a property and can increase the value of a home by 20%. Many people change their attic as an alternative to the process of decorating the hidden spaces of their homes.

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