The First Step When Starting To Redecorate A Room

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The most often asked questions people when get started a decorating discussion is, Where should i begin? Most people how to start where to start, so they don’t do something and remain disappointed with their rooms. Of course the answer is different with every customer every room, but every few key points have already been determined, color is the spot to start.

Color is a scary topic to many; many people like color but are afraid to use it because they don’t know how to use it; color is a mystery to them. I love all colors, not necessarily in the proportions in which I see them or in the applications in which I find them; but really all colors are from nature, and everyone loves nature, right? Even neon colors, one might ask. Thinking of tropical fish, yes, even neon colors in the right application are great.

Returning to our original question, where does one begin? First, find your colors out of a favorite textile whether it is a rug, furniture upholstery, a scarf or a piece of artwork that makes you smile every time you see it. Remember anything can be art.

When you collect things you truly love, you will find a common theme; just gather all your favorite things and see the similarities; it might just be color. What you wear and what you live in can be very different and yet still very true to you.

Rugs are easy, especially colorful ones, because you can build an entire room’s color scheme around the colors in the rug. Sometimes using the boldest color is the right way to go, but not always.

The same is true with artwork. Again color is the key to bringing a room together, which is why abstract art can work in a very traditional home; it adds a freshness and prevents the room from becoming, well, too traditional.

There is no reason to live with white walls unless you like white walls. Give color a try.

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