Indian Decorations Give Your Home a Modern Look

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Want to remodel your house? Try to use Indian Style. Below this will give you a bit of goodness in Indian style and what if you want to apply it to your home.

Indian style furniture has many styles, colors, designs, fabrics, textiles and details. You can combine Indian and modern styles, it is recommended that if you do this apply not too much decoration. This work will provide many things that must be studied to buy Indian furniture, because the appearance of Indian style furniture has many variations and results from craftsmen.

Many existing furniture stores are making Indian style furniture with antiques, with a rustic style with many models as its characteristics. In order to always be modern, it is important to focus on just one style to get a harmonious look at making your modern home.

Dark purple and red

These two colors are always the essence of the best Indian style. Knowing how to choose the right color is an important ability. To stay modern, it is best to stay consistent with one color and fabric and not too many colors.

Velvet and silk

Indian style is always coupled with velvet and silk as a furniture upholstery. Dark purple velvet pads that wrap around the sofa or red silk pillows for the bed add to the bourgeois impression on the house. Even silk blankets or velvet-coated curtains provide a modern image, making an antique look.

The art of folding silver

Pure Silver is widely used to make Indian-style furniture and decorations, handicrafts, with intricate details and creativity. Many designs are applied to the surface of silver, which are often used for leaning heads, chairs, benches, poles, tables, sculptures, and fancy jewelry.

Many stores are currently making new designs and inspiring old designs with a process called silver folding. Brass and printed metal use complex Indian designs that have history. This process must be done with the right time, because a lot of work is done by hand, but this furniture can last a lifetime and there are no stains or loss of endurance.

Indian art and decoration

Most minimalist homes, feature art in a house. This makes a reference to furniture, patterns, fabrics, style and overall appearance. Yoga and spirituality are major influences of Indian culture and symbols of this culture can be displayed on the walls of modern homes to provide a more peaceful presence.

A piece of folk art featuring Dewa Ganesha or Lord Shiva (a powerful symbol of Indian culture) is always a nice touch placed in the hallway or living room. Mandala and chakra symbols, intricate oil paintings from Buddha and Batik paintings are classic Indian images that can be added to your modern home.

Ancient Indian accessories

A jewelry box made with Indian hands on a dressing table in the bedroom, adds historical value to your home. Serve your guests with Indian style pots, plates, bowls and silver, which are usually embroidered with beautiful ethnic motifs. Statues made of wood, stone, marble or brass are always a great addition to a room that requires additional passion.

These items are made by craftsmen, becoming expensive but very valuable. Stylish carpets made from Kashmir, Agra or Badohi with silk and pure wool are the same elements, can be used in remodeling modern homes with Indian elements. Displayed wood or marble plates symbolize the coveted peace and tranquility of India.

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